We Are Unified for Uganda

Unified for Uganda is a nonprofit organization that emotionally and financially supports the education

of destitute children in northern Uganda through the empowerment of global youth.

Innocent, a U4U program mentor, is changing the world.

To Innocent, there is nothing more meaningful than knowing he has made a positive impact in someone`s life, and the ability to do so with the sponsored children of Unified for Uganda has its foundation in his own story. Innocent`s story enables him to positively influence the stories - yet to be told - of numerous children living in destitute conditions all too common in northern Uganda”.
— Innocent: A Spirit of Resilience

"From the trials of growing up in war-torn Africa, to losing his father, being abducted and forced to fight in the Lord’s Resistance Army, to taking full advantage of rare opportunities to access education, to becoming a courageous leader and change agent, Innocent’s inspiring story embodies the triumph of hope and determination over pain, trauma and fear".

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