Our Family in Uganda:

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Okullooyere Beatrice

Beatrice is a Masters’ graduate in Education. She has been with U4U since May 2015. She loves to read (a lot!), sing and swim but doesn’t care for escalators! She says that working at U4U gives meaning to her life. She think to herself "What better way to live than to help the less fortunate?" Lastly, she loves that U4U is a family, a wonderful family! Beatrice is the U4U Program Director.

Why Beatrice loves U4U:

"U4U is continually awakening buried dreams, transforming lives, one destitute child at a time"


Ali Peter Kiseka

Peter is 28 years old, a graduate of Public Administration and Management. He joined the U4U team on January 9th, 2017. His hobbies include interacting with children, playing soccer, and travelling. His favorite food is beans. One of his favorite things about U4U is that it is a family and a home for all. Peter interacts freely with all people: old, young, fat, thin, rich or poor. He is a mentor at Gulu primary and Layibi collage.

Why Peter Loves U4U:

"I Love U4U because of its mission and objective of supporting disadvantaged children through education, its transparency and because it’s a family that lives together without discriminations of tribe, color or even region."


Fiona Lamunu

Fiona is a graduate of Development Studies and she currently holds a postgraduate diploma in Public Administration and Management. She joined U4U in January 2014. Her favorite hobbies are spending time with children, reaching out, sharing ideas, and Reading Novels. Fiona is a U4U mentor.

Why Fiona Loves U4U:

"I love U4U because of its mission towards brightening the future of vulnerable children through paying their school fees and other requirements, but above all, the togetherness of a family. I am approachable, flexible and do not give up easily especially on matters that concern my career development."


Kevin Amono

Kevin is a 36 year old graduate of social sciences. She’s been at U4U since January 9th, 2017. Her hobbies are cooking, reading stories, and travelling. Kevin is so appreciative of U4U because of its mission of emotionally and financially supporting the education of destitute children. She believes Education is the greatest investment in a child’s life, having personally benefited from a similar program. Kevin is a loving, caring, and social person. She is like a mother to the U4U beneficiaries that she mentors.

Why Kevin Loves U4U:

"Kevin loves U4U because it’s not only an organization but a family and home for all the beneficiaries."

Alfred Picture

Alfred Acireal

Alfred is a bachelor’s degree holder in business Administration with a major in accounting from Gulu University (Northern Uganda). He currently is passionately working with unified for Uganda as finance officer and is 27 years old.

Why Alfred loves U4U:

"I love working with unified for Uganda because it one of the institutions that revamped back the lost hope of the destitute children. Children that have lost their destiny can still have seconds chance of regaining it through the philanthropy given by the Unified for Uganda's team both with the country and abroad.”

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Stella Lamaro

As the Office Assistant, Stella has been with U4U since 2014! Her hobbies are making friends, cooking, watching high school movies, and swimming. Interesting enough, she just learned how to swim when the Americans came to Uganda in 2017! U4U is like a family to me in very many ways! Her favorite member of U4U is Beatrice. For her, she says that Beatrice is like a mother.

Why Stella Loves U4U:

"We live like one big family from here in Uganda to the USA, we really respect each other! I thank God everyday for U4U."

Our Family in America

Unified for Uganda would not be able to accomplish what we have in this past decade without our dedicated chapter leaders. Our chapters are compromised of dedicated, hard-working, inspirational student leaders that come together for a common goal. Unified For Uganda's Chapters spend endless hours to raise funds to help support kids in our program.

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