What does one sponsorship slot do in Uganda?

Tuition, Room and Board, Shoes, Uniform, Mentors, Emergency Medical Supplies, the opportunity for a child's life to be changed


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What it takes to change the life of a child in primary school:

First Stop on the Road to Success

Unified for Uganda's Education Initiative starts here with Sponsorship. U4U partners with the top ranked primary schools in Gulu to ensure the children are receiving the best education possible. The students also begin a relationship with their mentor who stays with them every step of the way, guiding them both at home and at school.  Between a quality education and mentoring, U4U students are provided with the best chance for success in school and life.

The Personal Connection


It is often hard for people to feel a personal connection with the children they sponsor. This is not a problem for Unified for Uganda. It is a part of our mission to create lasting relationships between sponsors and the students they support. These bonds are built by exchanging letters, pictures, and videos. The emotional connections formed motivates the students to do their best and helps the sponsor understand they are making a difference.


Children in our Sponsorship Program are selected by U4U's Ugandan Mentors based on their home life, HIV status, economic situation and an additional 12 vulnerability criteria. U4U identifies the children in most need and provides them with an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and to dream of a brighter future.

What it takes to change the life of a child in secondary school:

Realizing Dreams


The students in U4U's Education Initiative have big dreams: to become lawyers, doctors, politicians, teachers, the list goes on. To accomplish these dreams, further education beyond primary school is necessary. U4U provides this in the form of scholarships, which gives youth the opportunity to someday give back to their community in meaningful ways and find fulfillment in their lives.

Not a Hand Out

U4U offers scholarships to secondary school for all of its students who score in the top two divisions on the primary school proficiency examination. Once they are accepted, U4U has them sign a "student contract" in the presence of their parent/guardian and mentor, where they commit to maintain their grades, discipline, and class attendance. U4U and the students in the Scholarship Program take the commitment to their education seriously and respect the hard work that sponsors do to support their future.

Guidance Along the Way

High School can be a tough time for any young person, no matter where they go to school. The students in U4U's Scholarship Program come from especially difficult backgrounds, so those challenges are compounded. Inclusive in each scholarship is support from a mentor, the same one who saw them succeed in primary school. Their mentor gives them advice, guiding, and tutoring when necessary. For many of the children, our mentors are essential positive role models in their lives.

What it takes to mentor a child in northern Uganda:

The Mentor Program consists of three highly qualified Ugandans dedicated to improving the lives of the children in our programs. In order to complete this job, the mentors require salaries, transportation, office rent, internet and office supplies. Any amount donated will help provide these essentials.

A Teacher, Role Model, and Friend

Each child supported in U4U's Sponsorship and Scholarship Programs is assigned a mentor from the moment they enter the program. The mentor's job is to ensure the academic, social, physical and emotional well-being of the child. The mentors perform frequent home visits to check on the child's living conditions. They also conduct school visits where they meet with the child's teachers and classmates to monitor behavior and academic performance. This is necessary because most of U4U's supported students face challenges such as HIV, single/no-parent homes, and poverty. Having a mentor who genuinely cares about their well-being can make all the difference in their life.

A Different Approach to Education

Because U4U strives to improve the lives of the most destitute children of northern Uganda, we realize it takes more than simply paying school fees. U4U focuses on investing in the whole child instead of only their academic success. This is where mentorship plays such a crucial role. The Mentorship Program is designed to guide the child in all areas of life and help them become a well respected, contributing member of their community and nation.