What it takes to change the life of a child in secondary school:

Realizing Dreams


The students in U4U's Education Initiative have big dreams: to become lawyers, doctors, politicians, teachers, the list goes on. To accomplish these dreams, further education beyond primary school is necessary. U4U provides this in the form of scholarships, which gives youth the opportunity to someday give back to their community in meaningful ways and find fulfillment in their lives.

Not a Hand Out

U4U offers scholarships to secondary school for all of its students who score in the top two divisions on the primary school proficiency examination. Once they are accepted, U4U has them sign a "student contract" in the presence of their parent/guardian and mentor, where they commit to maintain their grades, discipline, and class attendance. U4U and the students in the Scholarship Program take the commitment to their education seriously and respect the hard work that sponsors do to support their future.

Guidance Along the Way

High School can be a tough time for any young person, no matter where they go to school. The students in U4U's Scholarship Program come from especially difficult backgrounds, so those challenges are compounded. Inclusive in each scholarship is support from a mentor, the same one who saw them succeed in primary school. Their mentor gives them advice, guiding, and tutoring when necessary. For many of the children, our mentors are essential positive role models in their lives.