Meet Onekgiu Christopher

Meet Onekgiu Christopher!

Onekgiu Christopher is one of the many exciting children sponsored by U4U!  Christopher is seven years old and is in P2, which is like 2nd grade, at Gulu Primary.  He is one of four children living at home with his parents.

His home life hasn’t always been great; his father has struggled with alcoholism for many years.  But, things are steadily improving.  Recently, his father became a Born-Again Christian and has committed to improving his life and the lives of those in his family.

Luckily, when it comes to his studies, Christopher is incredibly gifted and a hard worker.  He is consistently among the top students of his class at Gulu Primary.  Plus, he is a big dreamer.  Christopher would like use his education to become a pilot.  Outside of the classroom, Christopher has an impeccable knack for physical sports.  His mentors note that he could develop a great talent in wrestling or rugby.

Overall, U4U is extremely proud to support Onekgiu Christopher and we cannot wait to see where the future takes him!